Vivek Kundra Takes Leave as Federal CIO; Isn't Probe Target

Kundra awaits details of bribery investigation after the FBI searches his former office, the Washington, D.C., Office of the Chief Technology Officer.

by / March 13, 2009

Unnamed White House sources have told several media outlets that Vivek Kundra, President Barack Obama's pick for federal CIO and e-government administrator for the Office of Management and Budget, will take a leave of absence as he awaits details of a federal bribery investigation of one of Kundra's employees in the Washington, D.C., Office of the Chief Technology Officer (OCTO)

Sources tell The Washington Post that Kundra is not a target of the investigation.

The FBI raided some office floors of OCTO on Thursday, and arrested Yusuf Acar, an information systems security officer for OCTO; and Sushil Bansal, CEO of Advanced Integrated Technologies Corp. Both men are being held on bribery charges

Last week, President Barack Obama appointed Kundra, Washington D.C.'s chief technology officer, as the country's first-ever federal CIO.

Government Technology named Kundra one of 25 Doers, Dreamers and Drivers of 2009. Since he was named CTO in 2007, he has become recognized as an innovative leader who relishes the opportunity to "democratize" data.



Matt Williams Associate Editor
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