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Federal climate policy focused on areas like renewable energy and energy efficiency could bring 5,200 jobs to rural Kansas, according to research. Rural America in general would benefit from such policy.
A new law requires all officers to wear cameras, along with related employees, such as Department of Correction probation officers and investigators in the Department of Services for Children, Youth and Their Families.
Although California’s aggressive electric vehicle campaign aims to curb climate change, the move could still do substantial damage to the planet based on how battery materials are extracted.
Gov. Ralph Northam has announced a plan to invest $700 million toward broadband infrastructure for unserved areas in Virginia. The funding for this investment comes from the American Rescue Plan.
To increase Indiana’s cybersecurity stance, a recently enacted bill will require state agencies and political subdivisions to report all threats to the state’s Office of Technology within two business days.
Recently signed legislation will ramp up the state’s cybersecurity and legacy system upgrades through the newly created Technology Improvement and Modernization Fund. The new law takes effect Sept. 1.
Last week, the Ohio House of Representatives introduced a bill that would give Ohioans data privacy rights. Lawmakers point out, however, that another bill is needed to deflect future cyber attacks.
Various civil rights organizations, including Color of Change and the Anti-Defamation League, are asking the Democrat-controlled White House and Congress to put an end to hate speech and misinformation on social media.
States like Arizona and Texas have positioned themselves as hubs for autonomous vehicle testing and deployments, in part, by creating regulatory landscapes that are easy for new companies to navigate.
The U.S. Department of Justice has outlined nine steps for police reform in Portland, Ore., including mandated body cameras for police and civilian supervision of police training.
The federal government recently approved an idea from Amazon to track people's sleep patterns through new technology. Experts warn that Amazon is taking a creepy step into American bedrooms with this approach.
Yesterday, the California Public Utilities Commission and Uber submitted a $9 million settlement to resolve a dispute about whether the company should share data on riders and drivers who were sexually assaulted.
During an Illinois House committee hearing Thursday, expert Haywood Talcove urged the state to take action on cybersecurity. Talcove believes unemployment fraudsters have stolen $1 billion from Illinois.
A New Jersey state lawmaker has proposed the creation of an "innovation partnership" to help fund emerging tech companies within the state. The effort is being pitched as a way to renew the state's innovative roots.
The ability to verify online that someone is who they say they are is critical for an increasingly digital world. While a federal solution would be ideal, state-issued digital licenses are a move in the right direction.
Now that fully vaccinated individuals can meet indoors without wearing masks, will state legislative sessions continue to meet online? Or will lawmakers go back to meeting in person?
To complete the expansion of broadband access to the remaining residential clusters in South Carolina would cost more than $600 million, according to a state agency tasked with expanding high-speed Internet.
Law enforcement uses facial recognition systems with little oversight and, at times, disastrous impact. During a congressional hearing this week, members and experts talked through how new laws could head off greater harm.
The U.S. Senate has now joined the House of Representatives in proposing a law that would give every active member of the military the ability to cast votes electronically while overseas.
With a unanimous vote Monday, the city council of Jacksonville, Ala., approved cybersecurity recommendations, including one that focuses on employee training, from chief information officer Tim Smith.