Smart Birdhouse Provides Free Wi-Fi to Reward Healthy Actions

The platform also lets local governments review data from the devices to better understand air pollution.

by / September 2016

Reward for Healthy Actions

Aiming to create a cleaner environment, the TreeWiFi device is a small birdhouse that uses different colored lights to indicate the current level of air pollution in Amsterdam and provides the reward of connectivity. The birdhouse’s roof is green when air quality improves, activating complimentary Wi-Fi. But when the light is red, the air is polluted and Internet access is disabled. An app connected to the platform lets the local government review data from the devices to better understand pollution, and residents can use it to get tips for improving air quality.
Source: CityLab

2.4 Million: The number of drones that are expected to be sold in the U.S. in 2016. The Consumer Technology Association’s semi-annual forecast also predicts that 48 million wearable devices will be sold, a trend driven by fitness activity trackers.

Green Port for L.A.

July 12 marked the official launch of a program to create the world’s first off-grid marine terminal at the Port of Los Angeles. The $26 million Green Omni Terminal Demonstration Project will include a 1.03 megawatt photovoltaic array, a 2.6 megawatt-hour battery storage system, and bi-directional charging equipment that can both receive and supply power. Officials expect the green tech to be running by the end of the year. 
Source: Gizmag

Mutton Tech

When Google Street View didn’t visit the Faroe Islands in Denmark, a resident turned to a local resource to get 360-degree photos of the area: sheep. As part of Sheep View 360, cameras that take a photo every 60 seconds are strapped onto an animal using a special harness that’s outfitted with solar panels. The pictures are live-streamed to the local tourism office and also uploaded to Street View using their GPS location information.
Source: Engadget

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