Bryan County, Okla., Courthouse Security Upgrades on the Way

Courthouse security officers will be able to push a button on their phone to lock all three exterior doors at one time.


Bryan County, Okla., commissioners approved some upgrades to courthouse security during its Monday March 3 morning meeting.

Instead of using keys to access the courthouse, employees will soon be issued key fobs that work with electronic locks on the outside doors of the building.

This will allow courthouse security to know exactly whose fob is used at each door at any given time. The system will also allow a remote shutdown.

Courthouse security officers will be able to shut out threats with a button on their phone which can lock all three exterior doors at one time.

During a recent court hearing on the third floor of the building concerning several children, a threat outside was reported to courthouse security.

It reportedly took courthouse security seven minutes to lock all the doors, by which time an intruder could have made his way inside, threatening the lives of several children and other citizens.

The new system will allow the doors to be locked within seconds. This will also prevent suspects in trials from escaping.

Questions about power outage issues were quickly addressed. The doors will have a 12-hour backup system in the event of a power outage.

This will sustain the locks for most outages and allow time to manually lock doors for any prolonged outage.

The system is an open system that will allow for further upgrading if funds become available in the future as well. Upgrades can include electronic locks for interior doors in addition to the three exterior doors.

The chosen plan that allows the locks on the exterior doors is priced at $8,856.50. The system is provided by Guardian Security Solutions.

Commissioners also approved the purchase of a new computer and printer for courthouse security in the amount of $3,999.

The three-terabyte computer will connect to the current video surveillance system in the courthouse.

The computer system will also be provided by Guardian Security Solutions. If repairs need to be made, each part of the computer can be fixed or repaired individually by Guardian employees or outside technicians.

The computer will also be accompanied by a printer that will allow the security to print still frames from video surveillance.

Commissioners agreed to look into the replacement of security cameras in the courthouse as well, but made no decision on the matter at the meeting.

Courthouse security says the current analog cameras are in need an upgraded replacement. The replacement would allow for clearer imaging so security can not only see the actions in the building but can also identify people in the video.

Bryan County Sheriff Ken Golden suggested to commissioners that the same upgraded security be placed in the courthouse annex building where the commissioners’ office and county clerk’s office are housed.

Commissioners agreed to give thought to the matter.

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