Chicago Selects Application to Manage Outside Counsel Fees

Web-based e-billing system to enhance communication and increase efficiency.

by / October 20, 2003
CHICAGO -- Chicago, the third largest municipality in the United States, wanted a way to increase communication between Law Department employees and outside counsel firms, and increase the efficiency of the billing review and payment process.

The Law Department serves the mayor, the city departments, boards and commissioners and the City Council as they establish and administer policies and programs to benefit Chicago residents. This service takes many forms, from helping communities through effective ordinance preparation and enforcement, to providing city departments with legal advice in matters such as complex real estate and financial transactions, to representing the city's interests in litigation.

The department employs approximately 250 lawyers, who have opportunities to take responsibility for important cases, learn a variety of legal areas, and play a role in visible issues that have an impact on public policy.

The city has selected Examen's LegalPrecision Web-based electronic billing application to process legal bills from their outside counsel. The application also lets firms track the status of their bills from submission through issuance of payment.

The e-billing system chosen allows universal participation with minimal expense to outside law firms. The application enables participation by all existing law city firms, regardless of firm size, amount and type of work performed, or billing software used.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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