New York Attorneys Gain Statewide Access

Legal professionals get State Supreme Court coverage for online alerts and tracking.

by / May 6, 2004
NEW YORK -- New York legal professionals sought a system to provide online docket alerts, tracking and advanced searching, with total coverage of all counties in the New York State Supreme Court system. State attorneys are now able to find out information from all 62 New York State court jurisdictions using LexisNexis CourtLink Alert and Track services. Users will be notified automatically about a case before the client is served, helping the law firm to grow and maintain its client base.

The company has improved attorney/law firm profiles with a complete update of docket header information for all U.S. District Court civil cases. The header information, to be updated quarterly, will give users a complete view of an attorney or law firm's experience in a specific nature of suit or in front of a particular judge at the federal civil level. Attorneys use the company's strategic profiles to review court dockets and documents to uncover successful arguments used in the past and identify a judge's ruling history in a particular case type.

Another enhancement is the integration of the directory of corporate affiliations into litigant profiles. This database covers more than 190,000 U.S. and international public and private businesses to provide attorneys a deeper understanding of corporate hierarchies so they can argue their cases more effectively.

A litigant profile typically provides the legal professional background on parent companies. Now a user can look up affiliates, subsidiaries and divisions worldwide and include those in their search criteria as well.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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