North Las Vegas Justice Facility Improves Security

Nevada city's system allows better observation and management.

by / November 19, 2003
NORTH LAS VEGAS -- The North Las Vegas Justice Facility in North Las Vegas, Nev. sought a system to monitor and control the facility. It has selected a software platform to manage security.

The software from Intelli-Site will include numerous advanced driver and functional capabilities for centralized control and monitoring of door control, closed-circuit television, digital video recording and other facility security and corrections-management-related systems.

The software integrates existing subsystems from multiple vendors without incurring the additional costs associated with upgrades or replacement. The software features a user-defined graphics interface that controls various security devices within one or multiple facilities. The company designs, manufactures and distributes warning gates, crash barriers (anti-terrorist and traffic control barriers), lane changers, airport and navigational lighting and perimeter security gates and operators.
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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