Ventura County Sheriff's Department Ensures Integrity of Crime Laboratory Evidence

Agency implements fingerprint and smart card authentication.

by / October 20, 2003
VENTURA, Calif. -- The Ventura County Sheriff's Department in Ventura, Calif., needed to improve security for data processed by its crime lab. Maintaining integrity of evidence during processing is key to the department. Verifying the identities of those people able to access and transfer laboratory evidence is extremely important.

The Ventura County Sheriff's Department has deployed the BNX Authentication System with fingerprint recognition and smart cards, requiring that crime laboratory staff be conclusively authenticated before gaining network access or transferring evidence within the department's electronic laboratory management system.

The authentication system is part of the company's identity management suite, an authentication and single sign-on solution that controls user access to enterprise, Web and terminal emulated applications with flexible policies that meet graded security requirements. With the suite's consolidated management platform, administrators can centrally manage all user authentication and sign-on activity and insert authentication events at key points within an electronic process or transaction.

By requiring that crime laboratory employees be authenticated before accessing evidence or performing an evidence transfer, the Ventura County Sheriff's Department is able to associate each action with a specific user authentication event. This allows the department to generate a detailed record of evidence handling, if needed.

"Organizations that require strong user authentication for system access, as well as at key points within an electronic process, can be sure that a trusted user state is established and maintained," said Karl Ware, founder and chief technology officer of BNX Systems. "In the law enforcement field in particular, it is extremely important to conclusively."
Miriam Jones Chief Copy Editor
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