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Can an iPhone 6s survive falling from an airplane?

Answer: Yes.

by / December 18, 2020
Shutterstock/Noam Armonn

Popular Mechanics reports that Brazilian documentary filmmaker Ernesto Galiotto has one resilient iPhone. Either that, or he has very good karma. While flying over a beach in Rio de Janeiro for a project, Galiotto accidentally dropped his five-year-old iPhone 6s out of the plane window.

Galiotto was reportedly taking pictures outside the plane’s window when strong winds blew his phone out of his hand. The device fell from a height of approximately 2,000 feet, and at the time it seemed the phone was a goner. But when he checked the “Find My” app, presumably on another device, he discovered that the phone was still sending out a signal.

Not only did the device survive the fall, it recorded the whole thing, including Gialotto’s reaction when he found it. But what we really want to know is what kind of case and screen protector he was using.

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