Which car manufacturer is using 3-D printing tech to allow customers to personalize their vehicles?

Answer: BMW's Mini division.

by / January 3, 2018

Called "Yours Customised," the program was announced Dec. 26. Using an online tool called Online Customiser, Mini owners (both present and future), can order 3-D printed customized pieces for their vehicle.

The only 3-D printed parts currently available for customization are the side scuttles and passenger-side dashboard trim. Customers can choose from five colors and a variety of patterns, finishes, texts and even a handful of city landscapes. The pieces are printed in Germany with high-quality plastic.

The Yours Customised program also features laser-cutting technology that allows customers to order custom LED door sills and door projectors. All of these upgraded components take just minutes to install and are easily removable, should the customer want to change up their choices or sell the car.

According to BMW, these innovations make them the “first auto manufacturer in the U.S. to offer customizable parts created by the customer and produced using innovative production procedures such as 3D printing.”

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