How can fishermen better keep track of their catches?

Answer: With a smart sensor for their fishing rods.

by / January 7, 2019

Tracking catches for fishermen is a lot more complicated than just counting how many fish they have hooked. They also want to know all of the conditions that contributed to the catch, like the weather and time of day.

That’s why Cyberfishing created the Smart Rod Sensor, to keep track of all the details that no fisherman wants to take the time to write down. It attaches to any rod and counts every cast made. When a fish is caught, the press of a button records the catch as well as the date, time, weather and geographical location in the accompanying app.

Further details can be added later via the app, such as species, size and even photos of trophy fish. The app can also create a hot spot map based on fishing history, so the more it’s used the better it can tell fishermen where to go and when for their best chances at a good haul.