Electric bike-share bicycles are coming to which big city?

Answer: San Francisco.

by / January 9, 2018

Motivate announced a one-year pilot project that will bring e-bikes to its bike-share network in San Francisco Monday, Jan. 8. Starting in April, 250 GenZe e-bikes will join the 2,600+ bicycles in the San Francisco Ford GoBike fleet.

Riders can find the e-bikes through the Ford GoBike app just as they do the standard bikes. The bikes’ top speed is 18 mph, meaning they can legally be used in the city’s bike lanes. They operate on a pedal-assist system, so they may prove very helpful on the city’s steep hills.

“E-Bikes will give Bay Area residents and visitors one more option when traveling around San Francisco, which will help to make San Francisco more livable and reduce congestion and household transportation costs,” said Alix Bockleman, deputy executive director of the Metropolitan Transportation Commission, in a statement.

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