Will microwaving a smartphone charge it?

Answer: No, definitely not.

by / January 14, 2019

Apparently, more than one person in California has turned to Google to ask if they can charge their phones in the microwave. Just to clarify — the microwave will blow up your phone before it charges it.

HighSpeedInternet.com, a website with information on choosing an Internet service provider, recently released the results of a survey that looked at popular tech myths in America and how likely people were to buy into them. In addition to the survey, the site also compiled a list of the most-searched tech queries in each state.

Some highlights of the results: 31 percent of Americans believe that the memory on a phone or laptop can be completely erased by an airport X-ray machine; 17 percent think the only time you can charge your phone is when it's at zero percent; and 17 percent believe that Macs cannot contract viruses.

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