What historical event happens on March 29?

Answer: The first all-female spacewalk.

by / March 25, 2019

Anne McClain and Christina Koch will make history at the end of this month, which also happens to be Women’s History Month, when they suit up and head outside the International Space Station (ISS). Providing support from the ground will be flight director Mary Lawrence and Kristen Facciol in Johnson Space Center in Houston.

While NASA has acknowledged the significance of this event, the space organization also noted that it was “not orchestrated to be this way.” The space agency’s 2013 astronaut class was 50 percent female, and all three U.S. astronauts who will be on the ISS at the end of March were part of that class. Therefore, the statistical likelihood of women suiting up for spacewalks goes up, and it just so happens that the two teaming up for the March 29 mission are both women.

Still, it’s pretty awesome.

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