Facebook has promised to allow users to do what with their messages sent through its Messenger app?

Answer: Delete, or "unsend," them.

by / April 7, 2018

The promise was made after TechCrunch reported Thursday that Facebook allegedly gave its co-founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg, as well as other company executives, the ability to delete their sent messages from other people’s inboxes on Facebook Messenger. Facebook confirmed these reports, which come just weeks after news broke that Cambridge Analytica had been collecting and sharing data on Facebook users without their knowledge.

TechCrunch has since reported that a spokesperson for Facebook issued a statement that the company is working on making this feature, which some have referred to as an “unsend” option, available to all Facebook users soon. They also said that going forward, no messages from Zuckerberg and other executives will be deleted until the ability is available to everyone. Facebook currently does not have details on exactly how the unsend feature will work or when it will be released.

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