How can you see more public statues of famous women?

Answer: by getting The Whole Story

by / May 4, 2017

The vast majority of public statues in the U.S. are of men. The Whole Story project is working to change that. 

The Whole Story is an augmented reality (AR) app — similar to the popular mobile game Pokemon Go — that lets users add and view statues of historically notable women who've been virtually placed in public parks around the world. When users visit the locations and hold up the app, they can see the statue of the woman along with an accompanying virtual plaque. Currently the most AR statues are in New York City’s Central Park, and include such pioneering women as pilot Amelia Earhart and suffragette Elizabeth Cady Stanton, but they can also be found in other parks around the world.

The crowdsourced project invites users and developers to participate in adding to the map. Simply design the statue using your own software, upload it through Facebook, and when you’re exploring the real world, place it where you’d like using the mobile app. 


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