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Can AI make whiskey?

Answer: Not entirely, but it can come up with the recipe.

by / May 14, 2019

Swedish distillery Mackmyra has turned to technology to help them with what is perhaps the most difficult part of making whiskey: the recipe. Master blenders can spend their entire lives trying to think up the perfect recipe and sometimes never find it, because there are an infinite number of possible combinations.

Fortunately for them, infinite amounts of combinations are something that computers are good at dealing with. So Mackmyra partnered with Microsoft to use its Azure cloud platform and AI cognitive services to develop a machine learning algorithm that could come up with the best of all those possible combinations.

According to Popular Mechanics, the AI was trained on data including Mackmyra’s legacy recipes, customer preferences and sales numbers. The result was a list of more than 70 million likely crowd-pleasing recipes. The distillery’s blenders then used this information to create the world’s first AI-generated whiskey. Called AI Whisky, it has notes of aniseed, ginger and white pepper, with a citrusy, spicy mouth followed by a dry finish.

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