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Which retail giant wants access to your home?

Answer: Walmart.

by / June 10, 2019

No time to run to the grocery store today? No problem, just let a Walmart employee into your home and they’ll stock your fridge for you.

The company recently announced a new service called InHome, which takes your grocery order “from food aisle to fridge.” Trained Walmart employees will collect an order from the store, drive it to your house in a Walmart vehicle, and put it all inside your fridge for you. At this time, Walmart has not announced how exactly the delivery person will be able to open the door, only specifying that they will use “smart entry technology.”

In order to allay concerns about privacy and security of the home, the delivery person will wear a body camera that will stream a live feed to the homeowner’s smartphone. There will also be an archived video of the delivery that can be viewed at any time. The service will launch this fall in Pittsburgh; Kansas City, Mo.; and Vero Beach, Fla.

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