How many trips can Uber and Lyft make in San Francisco in one day?

Answer: more than 200,000

by / June 19, 2017
Screenshot via SFCTA

As cities question the effectiveness of ride-sharing companies and the legislation that should regulate them, the San Francisco County Transportation Authority has released the results of a study that provides the first comprehensive data on Uber and Lyft activity in the City by the Bay.

The report found that on an average weekday, the two ride-sharing companies combined drive about 570,000 miles in San Francisco and make more than 170,000 trips. On a Friday, those numbers can skyrocket to more than 200,000 trips, with over 6,500 vehicles on the road.

The report includes an interactive map that allows users to see what Uber and Lyft activity looks like in San Francisco by location and time of day. On a Saturday at 6 p.m., for example, there are about 15,100 citywide drop-offs and pickups. You can also select a location on the map and see its trip activity during the day.


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