With Uber Eats Dine-in, you can eat your meal where?

Answer: In the restaurant that you ordered it from.

by / July 5, 2019
Shutterstock/Mark Umbrella

Why sit at a table with nothing to do while waiting for a meal when you can spend that time driving to the restaurant and then eat it as soon as you get there? That’s the idea behind a new feature being tested by Uber Eats called Dine-in.

With Dine-in, users will be able to order a meal from participating restaurants via the Uber Eats app, and the kitchen will prepare it while they drive over so that they can sit down and eat it right away upon arrival. If the restaurant allows, the diner can specify in the app when they expect to arrive if they don’t plan to leave immediately, so that the meal will be prepared at just the right time.

Dine-in is currently being tested in select U.S. cities including Austin, Dallas, San Diego and Tucson.

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