Can a robot do the #BottleCapChallenge?

Answer: Yes.

by / July 12, 2019

The latest viral challenge sweeping the Internet, the #BottleCapChallenge involves removing the screw-on cap of a bottle by roundhouse kicking it without knocking the whole thing over. And, of course, you must video it and share the evidence of your success, or failure, with the masses on the Web.

A team of researchers at MIT has put their own spin on this latest viral trend, training a robot to take on the challenge. Because it doesn’t have legs, the bot, dubbed Baxter, can’t do the full kick, but it can mimic a human being doing a version of it with their hand.

Baxter was designed to mimic people’s muscle movements in order to help them lift objects, so all he has to do is watch a team member do the #BottleCapChallenge and then follow suit with equal success.

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