Where can you go with Google’s new AR in Search feature?

Answer: Into the Apollo 11 spaceship’s cockpit.

by / July 15, 2019

This month marks 50 years since American astronauts Neil Armstrong, Buzz Aldrin and Michael Collins became the first people to walk on the moon. Google is celebrating this milestone by bringing a re-creation of the spaceship’s command module to its new AR in Search feature.

Announced in May, AR in Search allows users of augmented reality (AR)-compatible Android or iOS devices to find 3-D models of objects in their Google search and insert them into real-world images at scale. They can then zoom in or out and look at the object in detail from all angles, as if the real thing was right in front of them.

“Using augmented reality, you can then bring the [Apollo 11] command module into your space –– your bedroom, kitchen or wherever you are –– to get a better sense of its size,” Google said. This is the first of two AR projects that the tech giant has planned to celebrate the landing — later this month it will release one that looks at Armstrong’s spacesuit.

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