What could be more unnerving than a regular flamethrower?

Answer: A flamethrower attached to a drone.

by / July 18, 2019
Shutterstock/Bildagentur Zoonar GmbH

The flamethrower company Throwflame has built an attachment that can turn drones into fire-breathing flying machines, and it can be yours for just $1,500 (you’ll still have to buy your own drone though).

The TF-19 WASP can be attached to any drone capable of carrying more than five pounds. It can fire a gallon of (ignited) fuel every 100 seconds, at a maximum distance of 25 feet. According to Mashable, Throwflame sees it being a useful tool for industrial purposes, such as controlled burns in forests and clearing power lines of debris. The company even released a promotional video showing the WASP being used to eliminate a large bugs' nest.

Even if it’s being used smartly and safely, it’s still hard to ignore the fact that this is literally a drone that spits fire.

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