Can a trucker drive two rigs at once?

Answer: Yes, if they’re both Peloton Technology trucks.

by / July 19, 2019

Peloton Technology designs systems that could allow for platooning, in which multiple big rig trucks drive single file about 20-30 feet apart. It is estimated that platooning could seriously cut down on fuel consumption and costs, but the trucks need to be in constant communication in order to make it work.

That’s where Peloton’s new Level 4 Automated Following system comes in. While its previous Level 1 PlatoonPro required a human driver to be present in each vehicle, the new version only requires one in the lead truck. Using radar-based active braking and software as well as vehicle-to-vehicle communication tech, the following trucks autonomously match their speed, acceleration and braking to that of the lead truck.

The system relies on the presence of a professional human driver, rather than seeking to replace them. “We see the drivers as the world’s best sensors, and we are leveraging this to enable today’s drivers to be more productive through automated following platoons,” said Peloton Technology CEO Josh Switkes.

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