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Where might facial recognition be able to reduce wait times?

Answer: At the bar.

by / August 2, 2019

You can now remove your local bar from the list of places where you wouldn’t expect to see facial recognition tech.

DataSparQ, a data science company based in Britain, has developed a system that keeps track of people’s places in line at the bar. AI bar uses cameras and artificial intelligence to recognize when a customer approaches the bar to order, capturing their face and logging it into a running queue. This queue is displayed on a screen mounted at the bar, along with a live feed that circles each person’s face.

The system can also flag faces that it thinks might be under 25, prompting the bartender to check their ID. It can also add faces to bar tabs to control who can add charges to a bill. Gizmodo reports that the live feed is kept in memory and not stored, while the thumbnail images of peoples’ faces are deleted at the end of the session (presumably meaning when the bar closes for the night).



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