How mad are users about Google Nest’s new privacy feature?

Answer: Really mad.

by / August 16, 2019

Google recently informed owners of its Nest home security cameras that it was making an update in the name of privacy, and some of them are reportedly very unhappy about it. After receiving an email from corporate informing them of the impending software update, many users took to online Nest community forums to express their outrage. The change they’re angry about? They will no longer be able to turn off the status light.

The little green light on Nest cameras illuminates when the camera is turned on and recording, but until now users have been able to turn it off using the app, even if the camera is capturing footage. The change represents an effort to increase privacy and transparency and prevent people from being recorded without their knowledge. Users can dim the lights through the Nest app but will no longer be able to turn them off completely.

Those who disagree with the new policy argue that the status lights will alert unwelcome visitors like burglars of a camera’s presence, allowing them to avoid being recorded. Privacy advocates, on the other hand, have pointed out that it will serve to alert houseguests that they are on camera.

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