What’s the latest news on Tesla's Starman?

Answer: He just completed his first orbit around the sun.

by / August 20, 2019

It seems like it's been a lot longer than a year and a half since SpaceX CEO Elon Musk launched his own car into space. But in case anyone is wondering, the cherry red Tesla Roadster and its single passenger, Starman, are still hurtling through space.

According to the Where is Roadster? website set up to track him, Starman has completed one full orbit around the sun and is now heading into a lonely stretch of his journey. He will be passing Earth at 32.3 million miles away on Nov. 5, 2020, but after that he likely won’t be back in this neck of the woods until 2047.

Starman and his Roadster have covered about 762.8 million miles since launch — that’s 21,188 times the car’s 36,000-mile warranty. It’s also enough to cover every road on Earth 34 times. And fortunately for him there are no police in space, or his current 75,158 mph speed would have earned him more than a few tickets.

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