Are women’s pockets too small for smartphones?

Answer: Yes, yes they are.

by / August 23, 2018

Most women already knew this, but a recent study by The Pudding has officially confirmed it.

The study compared the pockets of men’s and women’s jeans from the 20 most popular U.S. brands, focusing on the front pockets. They found that only 40 percent of women’s front pockets can hold an iPhone X, compared to 100 percent of men’s pockets. That number was cut in half for the Samsung Galaxy, to just 20 percent, while the percentage for men’s pockets only dropped to 95 percent. The pockets fared even worse against the Google Pixel phone, with only 5 percent able to carry it on the women’s side and 85 percent for men.

The study concluded that women’s back pockets are the most suitable for carrying their devices, being much closer in size to men’s back pockets, even though back pockets are easier targets for pickpocketing.

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