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How much has Facebook invested in detecting deepfake videos?

Answer: $10 million.

by / September 6, 2019

2019 has been the year of the deepfake video, and that has some people concerned about the technology’s potential for spreading misinformation in next year’s election cycle. That’s why, beginning in October and running through May 2020, Facebook will be offering a cash prize for detecting these videos.

More specifically, the social media platform is looking for technology that can routinely pick out the deepfakes from authentic videos. It has partnered with Microsoft, the Partnership on AI and multiple universities to facilitate the Deepfake Detection Challenge. Through university grants, challenge awards and workshops, Facebook has invested $10 million in rewards for people or groups whose technology can accurately detect deepfakes.

The company also invested some of that money in creating an independent data set of deepfakes with which to test these new technologies. These videos will be created by paid actors and with full consent, so no Facebook user data will be utilized.

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