Which fall TV show return is most anticipated in your state?

Answer: Google can tell you.

by / September 10, 2019
Hand holding use remote control and watching television at home Shutterstock.com/MTS_Photo

As with most everything else these days, Google is America’s go-to source for information on when our favorite (or not) TV shows are returning to the airwaves this fall. Therefore, the search engine has decided to aggregate this data and turn our TV show addictions into maps and lists.

According to Google’s blog post last week, the U.S. as a whole is most looking forward to the returns of Saturday Night Live, The Walking Dead and Grey’s Anatomy, respectively. When accounting strictly for drama, The Walking Dead was searched for the most, followed by Grey’s Anatomy and Riverdale. Meanwhile, over in the comedy sector, viewers are mostly searching for The Simpsons, Family Guy and South Park.

Per a color-coded map, most searches for The Walking Dead’s return originated in the Southeast region of the country, while Texas, Louisiana, Kansas and the Dakotas are looking forward to Grey’s Anatomy. There are two outliers: Riverdale is highly anticipated in Utah, while, unsurprisingly, Hawaii residents are most excited for Hawaii Five-0. 

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