How long did it take the newest iPhone to become a meme?

Answer: A few minutes.

by / September 11, 2019

Apple unveiled a new line of iPhones on Tuesday, and people wasted no time taking to the Internet to mock the multi-lens camera setup.

The iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max features three — that’s right, three — camera lenses on the back. While all these lenses probably make photos look good, they seem to be doing the opposite for the device’s aesthetic.

Critics on Twitter have so far compared the cameras to a fidget spinner, a bowling ball, a stovetop and a coconut, just to name a few. One twitter user joked that the three cameras are for government surveillance, with one for the FBI, one for the CIA and the third for Homeland Security.

Hopefully the photos will be of a high enough quality that people forget how silly the camera looks.


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