What can Kayak’s new AR tool tell you?

Answer: If your carry-on bag will fit in a plane’s overhead bin.

by / September 19, 2018
Innovation can be about invention or incremental change -- and an incremental change that might be just as sweeping as a new invention is putting wheels on luggage. Flickr/Emile Krijgsman

No more embarrassing trips back up the aisle to gate-check your carry-on.

Kayak has released its new “bag measurement tool” in the flight search section of its app. Using the camera on the device, the augmented reality (AR) tool can measure your bag and compare it to the airline’s specifications.

The tool first asks users to point the camera at the floor near the bag for calibration. Then it asks them to move the camera around the bag, and it takes measurements. It can compare your bag to multiple airlines’ policies at once, so you can find out which will fit your bag before you book your ticket.

This tool is currently available only on iOS devices running version 11.3 or later.