Can you pay for your purchases with cash?

Answer: Yes.

by / September 19, 2019

Starting Wednesday, U.S. customers on will be given the option to pay for their purchases with old-fashioned cash. 

Amazon partnered with Western Union to create its cold cash payment system, called PayCode. To use the service, shoppers simply select the PayCode option during the online checkout process. They will then receive a QR code that they can use to pay for their item(s) in cash at any participating Western Union location. The payment must be made within 24 hours of receiving the code. Shoppers can also return Amazon purchases at Western Union and receive cash back.

This is the latest move in what appears to be a larger effort by Amazon to make its services available to cash-paying customers. In April, lawmakers in Philadelphia and New Jersey banned cashless stores, prompting Amazon to begin accepting cash at its cashier-less Go stores.

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