How is Huawei trolling Apple?

Answer: by helping Apple customers “juice up” while waiting in line.

by / September 24, 2018

At the Apple Store in Singapore this week, Chinese phone maker Huawei handed out free Huawei power banks to the many customers waiting in line outside the store. Since Apple just announced the release of a group line of iPhones, these lines were exceptionally long. CNET reports that Huawei handed out more than 200 of its 10,000mAh Supercharge power banks in Singapore.

In London Thursday morning, a Huawei van rolled up to the long queue outside the Apple Store with a free charging station and juice drinks that contained “no traces of apple.” The two companies have been in close competition for the second-place spot as the largest phone seller in the world. Huawei surpassed Apple to claim that title this July.