Can Amazon’s Alexa talk like Samuel L. Jackson?

Answer: She will be able to soon.

by / September 26, 2019
Samuel L. Jackson Shutterstock/DFree

Among a slew of new features announced at Amazon’s hardware event Wednesday was an alternative voices feature, which will let the smart speaker sound like select celebrities. The first up: Samuel L. Jackson.

Unlike previous iterations of celebrity voices on Alexa, this new one won’t rely on previously recorded phrases. Instead, Alexa will mimic Jackson (with his permission, of course) using neural text-to-speech software. This method involves deep learning artificial intelligence techniques that allow Alexa to sound more like humans. 

Jackson’s voice will be available in both clean and explicit versions. The new feature will cost $0.99 when it launches later this year, going up to $4.99 in 2020. Amazon also said that more celebrity voices would be coming in 2020.  

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