What is one thing this smart lock doesn’t require?

Answer: An Internet connection.

by / September 27, 2018

For those who might like the idea of a smart lock, but not the part where it connects to the Internet, Lockly has the winning combination.

The Secure Plus lock doesn’t require an Internet connection in order to do its job, although the option is still there for those who might want it. What makes this locking system smart is the 3-D fingerprint scanner and/or algorithm-driven keypad used to gain access.

The scanner works like Apple’s Touch ID, capable of storing up to 99 trusted fingerprints and granting access when it scans one of them. According to Digital Trends, the lock will know the difference between the real thing and a replica, so no tricks there.

The keypad is composed of four circles with three numbers in each. Using an algorithm, the system randomly reorganizes the numbers each time the lock is used. The passcode won’t change, but the placement of the numbers on the pad will, so someone wouldn’t be able to learn a passcode by watching it being entered.

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