What is Amazon 4-star?

Answer: A brick-and-mortar Amazon store.

by / September 28, 2018

Having effectively dominated the online retail market, Amazon seems to have set its sights on physical retail stores as well. Amazon 4-star opened, Sept. 27, in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City.

You’ve probably already guessed why they’re calling it 4-star — all the products sold in-store have received that rating or higher on Amazon.com. There are also sections for top sellers; new, trending, and most-wished-for items; and products that are popular with New York buyers, all based on data from the online store.

Members of Amazon’s Prime program will receive discounted prices in-store, displayed next to non-Prime prices on the digital price tags. At this time, Amazon has not provided any details on whether it plans to open stores in any other locations.