How long would it take to fly anywhere on Earth using a SpaceX rocket?

Answer: less than an hour.

by / October 2, 2017
SpaceX CRS-1 Blast-off Steve Jurvetson

Before he gets us to Mars, Elon Musk wants to get us anywhere on Earth in under an hour.

At Friday’s International Astronautical Conference, the CEO of SpaceX revealed the company’s plans for its largest airborne vehicle yet, the BFR. While originally intended to facilitate SpaceX’s goal of putting humans on Mars by 2024, Musk announced that he also envisions using the rocket for high-speed Earth travel.

The world’s longest flight — from Doha, Qatar, to Auckland, New Zealand — currently takes 16.5 hours. However, with SpaceX’s BFR rocket, flight time would be just 45 minutes.

Musk said of the idea: “If we’re thinking of building this thing to go to the Moon and Mars, why not to other places on Earth as well?”

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