What would make it easier to find your car in a parking lot?

Answer: The ability to just make it come to you.

by / September 30, 2019
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Tesla is rolling out a host of new features in its latest over-the-air vehicle update, Version 10.0. Among the highlights are a summoning feature and the ability to watch Netflix.

The Smart Summon function will let drivers use their smartphone to call their car to them. As long as the phone is within 150 feet of the vehicle, the press of a button in the Tesla app will tell the car to drive either to the phone’s location or to a specific pin. The feature will only work in parking lots and is only available for cars with Enhanced Autopilot or Full Self-Driving packages.

The electric vehicles are also getting more entertainment options. Updates to Tesla Theater will bring integration with your Netflix, Hulu and/or YouTube accounts. While, and only while, the car is in park, these streaming services can be accessed from the car’s dashboard screen. Drivers may find this feature particularly useful while they’re parked at a Supercharger station to top off the car’s battery.

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