What major company may be able to speed up rebuilding Puerto Rico's power grid?

Answer: Tesla.

by / October 9, 2017
In downtown San Juan, Puerto Rico, some buildings have generator-driven lights, as there is no public electricity working anywhere on the island. (TNS/Carolyn Cole)

In an exchange of tweets beginning Thursday, Oct. 5, Tesla CEO Elon Musk and Puerto Rico Gov. Ricardo Rossello discussed the possibility of Tesla aiding in rebuilding the island’s power grid. Hurricanes Irma and Maria left 97 percent of the island without power, and it is estimated that it will be several months before power is restored.

Following this news, a Twitter user speculated whether Tesla — which has been able to use its solar and battery technology to provide power to entire islands in the past, as well as a section of California, and do it quickly — might be able to speed up the process. Elon Musk was quick to respond saying that it was possible, and it was not long before Gov. Rossello expressed interest in pursuing the idea.

Tesla has already sent assistance to Puerto Rico in the form of hundreds of its Powerwall battery packs — but this would be a much bigger step. As Rossello said in one of his tweets to Musk, this could become a “flagship project” for Tesla, a way for the company to “show the world the power and scalability of” its tech. Only time will tell.

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