Facebook’s latest foray into hardware focuses on what feature?

Answer: Video calling.

by / October 10, 2018

Facebook’s latest product, Portal, aims to make video calling hands-free and easier than ever. The device is similar to Amazon’s Echo Show and even has the option to use that company’s digital assistant, Alexa.

Facebook Messenger is still the main feature of Portal, which uses that service to ring up your friends on the screen. New Atlas reports that a caller, or receiver, need not own a Portal device in order to communicate with one, so long as they have another device like a smartphone that works with Facebook Messenger.

The upgraded version, Portal+, includes a feature that Facebook has dubbed “Smart Camera” where the device can rotate to follow the person in front of the camera and keep them in view. This version also has a slightly larger display (15 inches compared to Portal’s 10).

Portal and Portal+ are currently available for pre-order for $199 and $349 respectively, with shipping scheduled for November.