How many legs does this creepy-crawly robot have?

Answer: 32!

by / October 16, 2018
Photo Courtesy of Shutterstock

Developed by a research team from Keio University in Japan and the University of Tokyo, Mochibot is a spherical robot that looks (and moves) a lot like a sea urchin. It’s not at all disconcerting to watch …

The legs are made of three parts that condense and expand like telescopes, allowing the robot to essentially roll around by pushing itself. They have a maximum length of 1.6 feet and a minimum of about half that. And since there are so many legs (so very many), Mochibot could potentially be able to continue moving after losing a few.

The next step is to test the robot on varied and challenging terrain. Its legs can be equipped with sensors, cameras or sampling devices, and the center can carry a small payload. If it proves successful, the potential applications for a robot like Mochibot could be endless.