How is Volvo making it easier to buy its plug-in hybrid cars?

Answer: With free charging.

by / October 17, 2019
A demonstration project in Southern California will deploy more than 20 Volvo electric trucks to serve ports in Los Angeles and Long Beach. Shutterstock

Volvo is making it more difficult for car buyers to justify going for an all-gasoline-powered vehicle. The car maker has announced that it will be providing one year of free charging to customers who purchase one of its plug-in hybrid vehicles.

CNET Roadshow reports that the free charging will be delivered as a rebate at the conclusion of that one-year period. Volvo will calculate “average electricity cost during that period” in order to determine how much that will be. Currently, charging one of these vehicles usually only costs a few dollars each time, but people love to save money, so it’s still a good incentive.

The announcement came alongside the release of Volvo’s new all-electric vehicle, the XC40 Recharge. It’s the company’s first battery-electric car and has a range of roughly 200 miles per charge. 

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