What is the latest (and wackiest) plan to get rid of streetlights?

Answer: An artificial moon.

by / October 22, 2018

Hey, it’s better than a big orbiting disco ball.

Researchers have unveiled an ambitious plan to eliminate the need for streetlights in part of the city of Chengdu in southwestern China. The fake moon/satellite will reportedly shine eight times as bright as the real thing and be able to cover 6 to 50 miles of the city.

The technology behind the moon has been in development for years, inspired by a French artist’s vision years ago to recreate the Versailles Hall of Mirrors in the skies above Paris in order to reflect the sun’s light. This new approach will use a similar idea, covering wings shaped like solar panels in a reflective coating. According to officials, it will only emit a dusk-like glow, not enough to interfere with astronomical observations and wildlife patterns.