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What percentage of wildfires are started through human activity?

Answer: 80 percent.

by / October 23, 2018

This fact is brought to you by augmented reality and some incredible video graphics.

Last week, The Weather Channel published an informative video about the increasing wildfire threat in the western U.S. The video begins with meteorologist Stephanie Abrams standing in a clearing in a forest. As she talks about wildfires and the conditions that help them get started, one ignites around her and quickly begins to spread just as she describes.

The video follows the fire’s progression while Abrams lets us know what’s going on, often while standing right in the middle of it. She delivers a host of devastating facts throughout her presentation, like the fact that fire that reaches firestorm status like the Thomas Fire in 2017 can devour a football field-sized area in just one second.

You can watch the full video below.

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