What is the latest form of biometric identification?

Answer: The way you walk.

by / October 24, 2018

First fingerprints, then faces, and now walking. It’s getting easier and easier for technology to figure out who we are without the need for a password.

Motiv recently revealed some new security features for its smart ring. A pretty casual fitness tracker, the ring monitors your steps, physical activity and heart rate, and sends the data to an app on your phone. But now, it will also be able to log you into some of your online accounts.

There will be two new methods of identification: token and biometric. The token feature works like two-factor authentication, but instead of a unique code sent to your smartphone, you make a specific gesture like a wave of your hand that the ring will pick up. On the biometric side, a feature called WalkID uses the ring can monitor your individual way of walking, which Motiv says is as unique as a fingerprint, to determine that you are in fact you.

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