Which major social media platform is banning political ads?

Answer: Twitter.

by / November 1, 2019

Not long after Facebook announced that it would not be banning political ads on its platform, Twitter came out and did the exact opposite. Per a series of tweets Wednesday afternoon, CEO Jack Dorsey announced that Twitter would be implementing a ban on paid political advertisements.

The new policy takes effect Nov. 22, giving politicians a little breathing room to prepare. Dorsey was quick to point out that the ban doesn’t infringe on free speech because it only applies to paid ads. Politicians will still be able to tweet on the platform, but they will not be able to pay to improve their reach. 

Dorsey also stated that the ban will extend to “issue ads” as well, though exactly what constitutes this kind of ad is still a bit unclear. Perhaps this will be further defined when Twitter releases a full explanation of the new policy on Nov. 15.



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