How old is Amazon’s Alexa?

Answer: Five.

by / November 7, 2019

Throw some digital confetti, because somebody is having a birthday! Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa turned five years old on Wednesday, Nov. 6.

It’s hard to imagine that something that has become so deeply embedded in many of our daily lives is still so young. But that’s technology for you. So go ahead and wish your Alexa-powered device, assuming you have one, a happy birthday anytime until the end of the month. Digital Trends reports, without spoiling the surprise, that her response involves DJ Marshmello.

Also in celebration of Alexa’s birthday, participating pop-up ice cream trucks offered free scoops of Alexa’s favorite ice cream: Mint Microchip. Cities where the free ice cream could be found included Chicago, Miami, Minneapolis, New York, San Francisco and Seattle.

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