What is the point of a smart coaster?

Answer: To help you make the perfect cocktail at home.

by / November 8, 2019

The smart home revolution is unstoppable, and now it is coming for your at-home happy hour (assuming that's something that you do). Barsys has come out with a coaster that can help you make the perfect cocktail.

You know how this goes: The device is way more expensive than the “dumb” regular version, you have to hook it up to your Wi-Fi and probably some sort of power source, and then you control it through a companion app on your smartphone. After that, you’re ready to pour. Just put your glass on the coaster, tell the app what drink you want to make, and it will tell you what ingredients to use. As you pour each ingredient into the glass, the coaster will light up once it thinks you’ve poured enough. Whether or not you choose to listen to it and stop pouring, however, is up to you.

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