What would make the endless scrolling in Netflix apps easier?

Answer: Eye-tracking software.

by / November 9, 2018

It could also improve accessibility within the app.

One of the ideas to come out of Netflix’s Fall 2018 Hack Day turns the viewers eyes into the remote control, so to speak. Using the facial recognition/tracking feature in Apple’s newer iPhones, some employees of the streaming giant eliminated the need to use their hands to control the iOS app.

The front camera on the phone continually watches the viewer’s eyes, while a green dot on the screen acts as a cursor. To open an item or press a button, such as “play,” the user just has to stare at it. To close an item or go back a page, they simply stick out their tongue. That one could be quite satisfying if someone didn’t like what they were watching.

Netflix has not yet indicated if it will explore the possibility of putting this feature into production.